Julia OS X Installer

I am an avid user of the Julia language for computational simulations. Here are the OS X Installer packages for Julia that I compile and distribute.

Download links

Julia v0.4.6
Julia v0.4.6-pre +36
Julia v0.4.5


  • Git is not included.
    • Git is included with the Command Line Tools (install with xcode-select --install).
    • Git may be installed from MacPorts or Homebrew.
  • By default, the installer targets /usr/local (unlike the official OS X distribution).
  • The binaries and installer are signed with my Apple Developer ID.
  • An uninstaller script, sbin/julia-uninstall, will remove the following:
    1. All files, regardless of any modifications, created by the installer.
    2. All currently empty directories created by the installer.
  • The system BLAS library, provided by the Accelerate Framework, is linked.
  • Install from the command line: installer -pkg julia-VERSION.pkg -target /


Both the installer package and the archived binaries are signed with an Apple Developer ID.

Screen shot of trust view inside the Julia installer.
The installer is displaying the certificate used to sign the Julia installer package.

Click on the lock icon at the top right of the installer window to view the certificate used to sign the installer package. The leaf certificate should be titled (common name) “Developer ID Installer: Stephen Larew (7NYVK95QF8)” and should have a “This certificate is valid” badge.